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All About Writing

Writing is a critical life skill that applies to all academic majors. While competency in writing is critical to successful academic life, writing is empowering as it provides an individual with an avenue for expressing feelings, ideas, opinions, and emotions.  Writing forms the basis upon which communication, history, record keeping and art of writing began.  Writing provides the basis for communication of ideas, opinions, perceptions, and beliefs are recorded in books and other materials for others to read. Ideally, writing varies in form and purpose and is generally a complex process.  Writing requires a person to bring his/her left and right brain together to cobble ideas that explain and express a person’s experience, feelings, ideas and opinion in a way that another person can understand. The need to be understood and have a glimpse of what another person thinks or feels makes writing a universal necessity.  Writing has several phases as a person has to think, reflect, plan, draft and revise before putting down words to pass a particular message.  It is paramount to understand the importance of writing and challenges that people experience in their writing endeavors.

Writing is a critical element and core form of communication in all walks of life. Words give the world, life and everything in the world meaning. Efficient and effective communication is what keeps the world moving in the same direction as people strive to convey meaningful information to each other. In the face of a working world and a world where interactions and forming relationships are so essential in forming trust in relationships, transacting business deals, attracting customers and retaining clientèle, writing becomes an essential tool for forming strong communication. Poorly written information with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can cause miscommunication of ideas leading to potential loss of clients to lose interest in a business deal or ruin a good relationship with spouse or customer.  The words that a person uses in writing help to show who one is and how one perceives things in life.

Writing also plays a critical in promoting self-improvement in life as it enables one to think better and become smarter in life. Writing allows one to collect scattered thoughts and ideas and channel them to a single beam of information. Subsequently, one is able to open up new mind dimensions and create unparalleled imagination. By collecting one’s thought, one can write down the positives and negatives and weigh which is the best direction to take.  Writing is also a stress reliever as it provides a person with an opportunity to express his emotions and feelings and let other people know why one is upset and is behaving in a particular way. Writing also refines one’s ideas and helps a person get answers and feedback from others. It is through writing that one is able to extend the line of thought through imagination, the quest for truth and understanding beyond first impression or gut response. It is also through writing that one is able to refine ideas when giving feedback to a question. Ideally, writing makes a person’s thinking visible by providing a person with an array of facts, inferences, and opinions and hence a person is not easily confused.

In an education point of view, writing provides students with an avenue to compose ideas, organize arguments and support critical points as well as share information. It also enables students to reflect and compose their thoughts in a cohesive and structured manner.  Quality writing elicits a sense of personal productivity and accomplishment in various facets of education. Students in their course of academic life are required to work on assignments or essay, and they have to apply their previous knowledge and research skills to accomplish such tasks. Writing allows students in such situations to articulate, process and conceptualize information in a way that best captures the required aspects of the assignments. The ability to articulate oneself in written word provides one with the opportunity to share knowledge and information in the most effective and modest way.

Writing also promotes a person’s skill of inquiry by helping a person develop an argument for a particular position or point of view. Through writing, a person is able to collect, evaluate, analyze contrast, compare, imagine and reviewing information that a person receives to get a better answer to a question or an inquiry. Through writing, one is also able to capitalize on his intelligence, education and critical thinking skills. Through critical thinking, a person can express thoughts and emotions and utilize one’s intelligence and capacity to retain information to communicate in the most effective way possible. Writing is an extension of a person’s speech and ally of communication and helps to express a person’s intelligence, level of academic achievement. It provides a picture of one’s ability to reflect on and dissect information for a particular purpose. Writing promotes one’s ability to skillfully conceptualize, synthesize and evaluate information as captured from observations, reasoning, actions, and communications.

Majority of the jobs requires one to have some writing capacity. While few jobs make competency in writing a necessity, most professionals require significant tasks to be completed, explained or planned in the form of writing. The value of and main point of going to school is to know how to write and read in an attempt to get a better paying job.

While writing is perceived as easy and strong writing ability does not come from the pain-staking process of using one’s language, but it is through overtime practicing the skill of writing.  For one to become an adequate writer, one has to focus significant effort on reading, comprehending and contemplating information and combine it with one’s own intelligence and capacity to retain information in an attempt to express the written information in the most effective level of articulation as possible.

Lack of language proficiency, lack of confidence, lack of productivity, lack of knowledge and perfectionism are some of the major challenges that writers experience. No matter how great the idea you have is, presenting the idea proficiently is what matters most. Quality writing mainly relies on impressive writing devoid of misleading language, grammatical errors and misplaced punctuations. Lack of confidence makes a person doubt his/her capabilities through self-doubt.  Lack of knowledge also makes one feel that he has no adequate content or has insufficient knowledge about a subject.

Writing  is an essential communication tool that promote an important avenue for one to express feelings, experiences, opinions, ideas, pass information and get feedback from others. Writing is the basis of communication, recording keeping, history and important arts such as poetry.  Writing promotes health relations, academic achievement, employability, critical thinking, and imagination.  Writing is also an essential tool for articulating one’s intellectual flexibility and maturity.

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