Discuss each of these hazards in terms of their properties, toxicology and health effects.

Toxicology and health effects

Assessment 1 – Toxicological concepts essay
Length: Part 1 no limit, parts 2&3 both 1500 = 3 000 words (plus or minus 10%)
Word (or similar) digital document.
Your document should be formatted with 1.5 line spacing.
You should include the ECU Cover Sheet at the start of your submission.
Due Date and time
Week 6, Monday 30 March 2015

How to Submit
Electronically via Blackboard > Assessment 1: Toxicological concepts essay folder

Learning Outcomes
1. Understand how toxic substances are absorbed, metabolised and excreted by the human body;
2. Describe health effects associated with exposures to a range of chemical, physical and biological agents;
3. Use equipment to correctly measure a range of workplace exposures;
4. Conduct a workplace survey in a scientifically valid manner.

Toxicological concepts


View the video clips in your assessment 1 folder and select a workplace scenario.

Using your selected workplace;
1. Develop a table listing occupational hygiene hazards (chemical and physical) present in the work environment (limit to a maximum of 7, minimum 5). In the table also note the state of matter (eg dust, mist etc). In a third column note the route by which the toxic substances may enter the body. In a fourth column describe the duration/nature of exposure for example continuous or intermittent etc. (3 marks).
2. Discuss each of these hazards in terms of their properties, toxicology and health effects. Your literature review should not be restricted to MSDS data but should explore toxicological and epidemiological evidence obtained from medical journals. Use the on-line resources of the ECU library to search appropriate journals (12 marks, apx 1500 words).
3. Conduct an internet search of appropriate Government agencies and occupational hygiene organisations and source sampling methods and exposure standards for each of the stresses. In cases where agencies recommend different methods select one you regard as being most appropriate and motivate why your selection was made. Identify substances that may impact on the same target organ and explain how this may influence the PEL that you will use to evaluate the exposure scenario. (10 marks) – apx 1500 words
(Total: 25 marks)

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