Economic and financial environment

Economic and financial environment

Individual Assessment: Current Issues
students are required to:

1.Identify and select three referenced news articles, one from each of the following topics: (a) Economic and financial environment; (b) Political and legal environment; and (c) Technological environment. Each referenced news article should be no more than four months old and may be sourced from either print or online news publications.
2. Write a report on how each referenced news article relates to the topic. Each report should not exceed 200 words.
3. Discuss the implications of each referenced news article at the Week 8 tutorial. This component of the assessment will require student input and contribution during the tutorial.
4. Submit the three referenced news articles, three 200-word reports and the individual assessment form (refer to Blackboard) at the Week 8 tutorial. In the Weeks 1 and 7 tutorials, exercises related to this assessment will be conducted. Further, exemplars of the assessment are provided on Blackboard for reference.

  1. Each report needs to be applied to the knowledge on the PPT, it may not be less than three.


  1. Each news content & links must put on the report. (plz look the example)



Please read each topic PPT before writing. (a) Economic and financial environment; (b) Political and legal environment; and (c) Technological environment. 

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