Is the social model disability representative?

Social model disability representative

Is the social model disability representative? Critically discuss the extent to which the social model of disability is representative of the lived experiences of people with disabilities


The essay should:
 Indicate the word length at the end or on the cover sheet. The word count should not be more than 10% over or under the word limit – marks will be deducted if they are.
 Be presented in appropriate academic style (structure, neat presentation, following the referencing style guide, correct grammar and punctuation etc).
 Have a clear focus and manageable scope.
 Synthesise information on the topic in order to make a cohesive argument.
 Provide scholarly evidence in support of the argument made, including research using quantitative and/or qualitative data
 Demonstrate an understanding of key concepts used (please note, this does not mean the insertion of a definition, but the application of the concept in a way that shows your understanding. Aim to paraphrase as much as possible).
 Cite and reference at least ten scholarly sources from the unit reader, further reading list or recommended journals.



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