Social taboos

Social taboos

Essay Question:
social taboos have less to do with processes of logic or threats to society and more to do with the control of subjects within an ideological structure. power, in other words. discuss using the specific example of body-piercing usage in contemporary society. ( Focus on body- piercing you can parallel it to tattoos briefly because they are similar. although mainly piercings.

Explanation of the Above Question:
This Question is therefore asking about how the Foucauldian processes of Disciplinary power and control operate to regulate individual behaviour and the behaviour of social body. it is essential to use Foucault for this question. you will need to focus your analysis on the specific example of body-piercing . You will need to consider how and why body-piercing may be a social Taboo, and how this fits with power. ( Hint: The idea is that “Taboo social behaviours and identities are not punishable by law ( e.g , you aren’t put in jail for being gay anymore) but regulates through powerful norms that codify some behaviours as normal and others as aberrant.
a great place to start is to look at Michelle Foucault and who he was etc. This is something you can look at
Downing, Lisa 2008, The Cambridge Introduction to Michel Foucault, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ( To gain an idea about him if you don’t already know.)
The essay has to be 1200 words without referencing of course. although the I couldnt press that in the above.

essay requirements: At least 5 scholarly texts in researching this essay, and reference them in a reference list. scholarly texts include books, an essay from a collection or an article from an academic journal. Please do not use general websites , including Wikipedia, or any dictionary definitions. any scholarly texts from the Internet MUST be from a reputable academic or university website. If you are not sure, choose only university based websites for your sources. You must not use any other internet based material in your essay unless it is directly related to answering your question and relevant.
Referencing: All quotations must be in quotation marks with page number references using Chicago. All material that is not your own must be referenced………….

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