Strategic supply chain management concerns

Strategic Supply Chain Management 

Course Introductory Document 

Subject description

Strategic supply chain management concerns the effective design and long-term planning of a network of interconnected businesses involved in the provision of products and services to the end-users. This subject introduces students to the philosophy of supply chain management with the main focus placed on how to view the supply chain as a strategic asset. A broad range of topics are covered including supply chain network design, integrated supply chain planning and optimisation, supply chain performance analysis, strategic sourcing and supplier management, lean supply chains, sustainable supply chain practices, and supply chain uncertainty.


Subject objectives

Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:

  1. evaluate the strategic purpose of supply chain management and its relationship with tactical and operational decisions,
  2. understand and analyse the challenges facing various industries in design and long-term planning of complex supply chains,
  3. develop and apply a range of quantitative techniques for effective supply chain performance analysis, and,
  4. identify and evaluate emerging initiatives for strategic supply chain management, such as sustainability.


Contribution to the development of graduate attributes

This subject develops a range of core business skills through the analysis of a series of case studies of national and international supply chains. The techniques developed are grounded in both quantitative and qualitative forms of analysis. The quantitative techniques, in particular, develop the student’s capacity in the analysis of problems in complex situations with high levels of uncertainty. The subject explains the scope of the area and the emergence of supply chain management as a key strategic function within businesses. A number of case studies are used to demonstrate issues, and enable students to apply leading edge techniques to contemporary business situations.

Teaching and learning strategies

The subject is taught using a combination of interactive lectures, class and team discussions, and case analysis. These are supplemented with both printed and electronic learning materials and resources (and possibly a guest speaker). The UTS web-based communication tool (UTSOnline) is utilised to share information and encourage interaction between faculty and students. Students can also use appropriate computer software such as Excel spreadsheet and Word processor to complete assigned tasks.



Decision making at the strategic, tactical and operational supply chain      management

Integrated supply chain planning and optimization

Strategic sourcing and supplier management

Lean supply chain practices

Sustainable supply chain management

Supply chain uncertainty


Required texts

Strategic Supply Chain Management: The Five Disciplines of Top Performance (2013, 2nd ed.) by Shoshanah Cohen and Joseph Roussel and published by McGraw-Hill (Available at Co-op by Week 1)

Sustainability in Supply Chain Management Casebook (2014) by Steven Leon and published by Pearson (Available at Co-op by Week 8)

The Story of Stuff (2011) by Annie Leonard and published by Free Press (popular source available on multiple book-ordering on-line sites and used beginning Week 9)


Other Course Resources

 Additional Weekly Readings (Articles Accessible On-Line Via the Library)

YouTube and Other Videos (Available On-Line and In-Class)

Possible Guest Speaker(s)


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