Critical incident, conflict, crisis, or communication issue in your workplace

Critical incident, conflict, crisis, or communication issue in your workplace

Graded  Weighting: 60%

Length: 2000 words

(or equivalent) Due date: Friday of week 9

* This assignment requires you to critically analyse and evaluate a critical incident, conflict, crisis, or communication issue in your workplace in which you had some involvement. You will develop a presentation for delivery to your student peers (or other audience as negotiated where this is not possible) which reports on your analysis and evaluation.  A marking guide will be provided to students to guide the completion of this assignment. Due regard is required to be given to the ethical, relationship, and integrity issues involved. Please note: your presentation MUST focus on the COMMUNICATION issues within any workplace scenario or incident. The aim is to identify how the issue could have been prevented, and/or how you would improve your communication in the future in relation to this type of situation, supported by current literature evidence. Consideration also needs to be given to the most effective, appropriate and creative way to communicate/present the report of your critical analysis to your audience. Your presentation must be based on an academically written essay analysis of approximately 2000 words. Your presentation reports on your findings. How you present is up to you—you can be as creative if you like, please do not be bound by PPTX or Prezi only. As we are asking you to be creative communicators—this may include role plays, short videos, audience engagement, PowerPoint etc—in some of these cases the presentation word count would not necessarily apply. Presentation time is 15 mins, with 5-10 mins for audience questions and feedback. For those interstate students who are recording their presentations and uploading online, I would recommend a 20 minute time limit for the presentation overall (to accommodate file upload limit). Your Assignment 3 Communique is following on from the information you have found in Assignment 2. After writing the essay and presenting your main findings, you are for assignment 3, required to rework and put this information into a brochure, a research proposal or similar.


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