Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper.

Reflection Paper

Now that you have completed this course and covered all the basics of business. Go back and read your post to discussion 1.2 and reflect on your answers.



Ask yourself, the same questions, now that you have completed the course:



What type of business did you say you would start in discussion 1.2? Would you still start that type of business? Why or why not?
Do you think it will still be successful? Why or why not?
Have your thoughts on how to be a success in business changed over the duration of the course?
What do you think was the most valuable thing you learned about business over the course?]


discussion 1.2
If I would start my own business I would choose to own a night club.
I choose this type of business because I enjoy entertaining people and being in a lively atmosphere.
I believe that this business would be successful because people look to be entertained and have a place they can enjoy themselves and let loose sort of speak.
I think that I would enjoy owning and operating a business like this because it could be very rewarding if you find the right location, bring in the right crowd.
What would set me apart from the rest of the competition would be that I would design a club like no other. I would look to provide an upscale type of atmosphere.

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Reflection Paper

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