Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour.

Ethical Considerations

Because this assignment requires you to analyze a problem within a specific organizational context, it is important that you protect the identity of the organization and the people within it. Do not use real names, and be careful not to reveal any other information, such as location, specific nature of the business, position titles, or any details that may reveal the identity of the organization or its members. It is recommended that you use your last name as the name of the organization. You should not discuss any findings or private information with your colleagues or family members.


Assignment 1 should be 10 pages in length (not including the title page and reference list). If your paper is longer than 10 pages, it will be returned to you for revision.

Your text should be double spaced, in Times Roman 12-point font, with 1-inch margins. Your reference list should include only the textbook as no other resources are required, but remember, whenever you use someone else’s ideas, you must give them credit. For detailed instructions about citations and references, be sure to read the section titled “Citations and References” on the Essay Requirements page. As well, you should review the Project Assignments: Overview.

In Assignment 1, you will introduce the organization you have chosen for your project. Remember that you are the OD practitioner who is gathering organizational information and that your target audience is either a peer or management. You will also discuss the organizational elements to be assessed and why. It is essential that you describe a clear problem in this assignment. This assignment deals with the diagnostic process, which is one of the most important activities in organization development.


In one paragraph, highlight what you will be discussing in the body of the paper.

Organizational Overview

In one concise paragraph, provide a brief history and profile of the organization. Describe the organization’s current situation and any other pertinent information that will provide the reader with a clear understanding of the organization and its services or products.

Discuss thoroughly what structural design means as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the six structural designs discussed in the textbook (pp. 339–356). In one paragraph, clearly identify which of the six structural designs best describes your organization. Provide examples to show how this structural design applies to your organization. Consider the theoretical concepts of the design when providing this overview.

Open-Systems Model

Describe the open-systems model (textbook, pp. 92–96) in your own words. Discuss how the ever-changing external environment constantly affects an organization’s internal interrelated and interdependent subsystems. As well, discuss each of the seven key properties of an open system. Use complete sentences throughout the paper; do not make lists.

In one paragraph, identify and discuss whether your organization is an open or closed system, based on the key properties. Clearly identify which external environmental factors have an impact on your organization.

Organizational Culture and Leadership Activities

Describe thoroughly what organizational culture means (textbook, pp. 552–558). Then discuss the key elements of organizational culture. In a second paragraph, discuss whether your organization has a strong or weak culture and how culture is reproduced and maintained within your organization. Explain, based on theory.

Discuss why it is important for management to implement all five leadership activities, and then provide an overview of the five leadership activities that contribute to effective change management (textbook, pp. 179–201). Explain why it is important for leaders to motivate change that allows for this effective change management to occur. In a separate paragraph, discuss the different leadership activities that management has or has not implemented within your organization.

Organizational Problem and Elements To Be Assessed

For this assignment, you will choose a manageable group size at the group or department level. Clearly state the problem at this level. Focus on identifying the underlying cause of the problem rather than the symptoms. Is the problem at a group or department level? (It is often more manageable to identify a problem at the group/department level.) Refer to “Clarifying the Organizational Issue” (textbook, p. 76), and pay careful attention to Chapter 5 of the textbook.

Discuss in detail the two organizational elements you will assess and explain each one based on the theoretical concepts identified in the textbook. If either of the two chosen elements has already been discussed in the body of the paper, there is no need to do so again. For example if you as the OD practitioner believe that organizational culture is causing the problem, you will have already discussed this in the previous section. However, if you identify an organizational element from the list provided below, then you are to discuss it in this section of your paper, based on theoretical concepts from the textbook. For example, if you believe that leadership is causing the organizational problem, then explain Likert’s four management systems and clearly identify the leadership style you believe management is presently using that directly contributes to the organizational problem.

Organizational elements that could be assessed include the following:

group design
job design
human resource systems—performance management, wellness, developing talent
work design
career planning
leadership and management development process
knowledge management
other areas as appropriate (must be approved by your Academic Expert)

Write one paragraph highlighting two or three key observations. Do not raise new information in the conclusion or list what has been discussed in the body of the paper.



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Organizational Behaviour