Creative Writing

Creative Writing.

Creative Writing

From the previous tasks and assignments, my classmates and instructor have been of great help during this course. From the group discussions with my classmates on how we are supposed to handle different assignments to what our instructor guides us, I believe that I have greatly improved in this course. My results can even tell it all over the semester.



I have learnt how to listen attentively and make notes of all-important points during all lectures. This has turned out to be very helpful especially when revising for any exams in the course of the semester. Further, I have learnt how to conduct a discussion and bring the best out of it. Also, in my writing, I have learnt how to connect easily my ideas and get a prose on whatever topic is writing. This has been achieved through noting down the points first and then connecting them during the course of writing. My understanding on various topics has also improved from the constant review and interactions with my fellow classmates. This has made it easier for me to capture easily what is required in every topic and answer it accordingly. This has led to my in improvement in this course.



Additionally, I do not think I will gain much from repeating this course because I have already learnt, captured, and passed all tests that I am supposed to. Repeating will be a total waste of time and resources to me and from the school. This is the reason as to why I think am ready to proceed to 20C and advance my knowledge. This will expose me to new tasks and challenges.


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Creative Writing