Nursing Theory Response

Nursing Theory

Theory is defined by McEwen & Wills (2002) as “a systematic explanation of an event in which constructs and concepts are identified and relationships are proposed and predictions made”. Nursing theories are the frameworks for nursing practice. McEwen & Wills (2002) state that before the development of nursing theories, nursing was largely subsumed under medicine. It was not until the development of nursing theories that nursing became more than a task oriented profession, and developed into a profession driven on intellect and rational thinking, (McEwen & Wills, 2002).
Theory guides nursing practice from the clinical setting, to the classroom setting. In an academic setting, nursing theories can be a useful tool in providing examples of how to interact with patients as a healthcare professional. “Patient engagement in collaboration with health professionals is essential to deliver quality health care” (Lewis et. Al, 2016). As a student, a topic that was continuously discussed was patient centered care. Improving patient trust and confidence in their healthcare professional leads to better healthcare outcomes. “The implementation of a patient-centred care model has been shown to contribute to improved outcomes for patients, better use of resources, decreased costs and increased satisfaction with care” (Gluyas, 2015). For example, the Health Belief Model is a middle range theory I plan to use to guide my dissertation process in providing culturally competent care to African Americans with type 2 diabetes. “The model specifies that if individuals perceive a negative health outcome to be severe, perceive themselves to be susceptible to it, perceive the benefits to behaviors that reduce the likelihood of that outcome to be high, and perceive the barriers to adopting those behaviors to be low, then the behavior is likely for those individuals” (Carpenter, 201 resources used must be within 5 yrs or less


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