Environmental economics, Politics, and World views

Environmental economics

1. What lesson can be learned from Biosphere 2 and how does it relate to ‘Biosphere 1’? (2) 

2. Explain voluntary simplicity and how it influences buying decisions. (2) 

3. Contrast the underlying philosophy of the “environmental-wisdom world view” with that of the “planetary management world view” and the “stewardship world view”. (4) 

4. Name and describe 3 groups types of resources used to produce goods and services. (3) 

5. Explain the difference between internal/direct costs and external/indirect costs, and give an example (3) 

6. Explain full cost pricing and how could it affect consumer choices (2). 

7. Looking at Figure 17-9, what 3 items on the right hand side would you reduce to pay for items on the left hand side? (2) 

8. How can green taxes be used to discourage pollution and reduce waste? Do you think this approach would work in the U.S.? (3) 

9. Are you interested in a ‘green job market’ career? Why or why not? If so, what type? (2) 

10. What are the common mental traps we may fall into when confronting environmental problems? (2) 

11. According to the World Bank, how much money per day is half of the world’s population trying to live on? (1) 

12. List seven things individuals can do to influence and change government policies in a constitutional democracy such as the United States. Which ones do you do? (5) 

13. Explain the concepts of the ‘trickle down effect’ and the ‘wealth gap’. (2) 

14. Explain the precautionary principle and how it applies to government policy decisions. (2) 

15. Explain the idea that ‘all sustainability is local’. (2) What is a high-throughput society and why is it unsustainable? (2) 


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