Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly

For this final Threaded Discussion, you may write on Monopolistic Competition / Oligopoly (Chapter 10) OR Poverty (Chapter 14). Either topic is loaded with opportunities for research – and wide open to very varied opinions.

I’ve prepared a few notes on poverty – which is easy to do as I sip on my organic lemonade and munch on my Chewy Granola Bar …. and silently but knowingly say to myself (somewhere very deep inside) that I hope it never happens to me. Poverty is crushing. It is soul destroying deprivation to the extent most of us, thankfully and hopefully, will never have to experience …. and it is all around us! Please take a few moments to watch this video on poverty in America: and now this rather startling video containing 25 facts about global poverty:

Now, our authors talk about “Poverty and Economic Inequality” (the title of Chapter 14), rather like these two things go hand in glove, so to speak. There’s surely nothing wrong with a little income/economic inequality is there? … (don’t you want to earn more than the guy next to you if you work harder?) but when it reaches the staggering levels of disproportion it has in the United States, surely nothing good will come of it!! I don’t want to video saturate you – but I have just one more. This one, I promise, will amaze you …

Our textbook offers some possible solutions to the problems of poverty and income inequality, but suggests each time also that there also might be problems with their application.

Discussion Question

Choose one of the two questions listed below and respond in your main post, following the instructions below. Main posts should be at least 150 words and include at least one APA formatted source. Reply to two other colleagues’ posts with a minimum 50-word response to each.


Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly – Chapter 10

We have the saying in economics that “All industry gravitates towards Oligopoly”. Why do you suppose that is so? Do oligopolists have the potential to act like monopolists? Explain why or why not.

Poverty and Income Inequality – Chapter 14

Suggest some solutions to the problem of poverty – and discuss how poverty is related (or not) to the kind of inequitable income distribution we face here in the United States. How do you see change coming about?

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