Assessment of a Sustainable PR Agency

Sustainable PR Agency

As said, It is essential to cover the following points:
– The company culture
Try to identify the key attributes of the organisation, explain how the company culture is defined
and communicated, and critically analyse how these cultural factors impact on the business
– The structure of the organisation
Critically evaluate its effectiveness
– Broader Developments:
See if there are more PR Agencies who intend to be a Sustainable PR agency, or examine wether
and why the world needs a sustainable PR Agency.
Here are some notes regarding The Company’s culture and Structure:
– Culture: Please use Quinn model to talk about XPR’S culture. Find our Company results in one of
the files attached.
Company Values: Task Oriented (HANDY MODEL) Teamwork, Transparency, Sustainable Client
portfolio. Ethical approach. POSITIVITY.
X PR sits within quints Clan Culture. However, as a young startup, the Adhocracy Culture is also
apparent. (Constantly looking for dynamic ideas in order to grow and expand sources of revenue.
XPR wants to stop restricting its services to Pitching and promoting its clients but is investing on
their own brand. Growing its social following and who knows? maybe become a media brand on its
own right)
Explain how this could help XPR’S develop as a sustainable enterprise and how this might also be
This Clan Start-Up culture feeds into the Agency’s structure:
– Structure of X PR:
Fashion Communications Agency.
Young Startup founded 1 year ago.
Flatter Hierachy. Please refer to structure as flatter than Traditional Hierarchy.
See Link (
Team of 3/4 (- Founder, – Digital Relations, – Account Assistant) + Intern.
Effective as lots of teamwork. Unlike Traditional PR Agencies, X PR is task oriented and all team
members bring their skills and are involved with all the Agency’s Client accounts.
Clients: 6
Team members: Females, 22-32 years old. Good office atmosphere and dynamics.
Founder focuses on long and short leads.
Digital Relations person focuses on Social Media/ influencers.
Account assistant assists them both.
Intern is in charge of keeping the database up and Running.
– Why XPR can claim to be sustainable:
– Client Portfolio = Most of their clients business model promotes Slow Fashion. Lots of them use
Sustainable fabrics. Pay decent wages all throughout production. Local Production helping
undeveloped communities.
However: Difficult to be Sustainable all throughout production chain. Hence they should probably
capitalise on transparency?
Areas of Improvement:
– Company’s environmental performance.. – packaging – recycled paper? courriers?
– Ramifications – events, sustainable workshops..
Is this whole aspect of sustainability followed as pure greenwash? or is it truly internalised and part
of the company’s values??

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