Why has bureaucracy spread in the modern world?



Define bureaucracy

Why has bureaucracy spread in the modern world?

Imagine if Karl Marx and Max Weber were film critics. What would their review of Office Space look like? What ideas from their work would they see reflected in the reality of this film? Compare and contrast these theorists’ ability to speak to this film: whose work is most helpful in analyzing the reality presented in Office Space?


And bull; Weber viewed bureaucracy as essential to industrial capitalism, but noted that the rationality of bureaucratic workplaces often turns us into "specialists without spirit, sensualists without heart". The rationalized organization of the contemporary workplace (and life more generally), can rule over us like an "iron cage". As you watch the movie Office Space, consider how the workplace and the lives of individuals do or do not match up to Weber’s Iron Cage. What are the consequences of Weber’s Iron Cage on workers and everyone throughout society?



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