MacKenzie & Shaw’s research

MacKenzie & Shaw’s


Describe MacKenzie & Shaw’s research in terms of Research Question, Hypotheses, Independent Variables, Dependent Variables, Sampling, and Ethical Issues. Analyze whether the UCR was relevant to their work. Indicate what other scholars have said about their work.
Assignment Requirements:
• The length of this assignment should be 2-4 pages, not including the cover or reference pages.
• APA formatting is required.
• Course text, lecture notes and other course material/readings should be cited in all written assignments, if used as a reference.
• Assignment file must have an .rtf, .pdf, .doc, or .docx extension. At least 2 outside sources (journal/research articles, books, etc.) should be integrated.

MacKenzie, <link is hidden> & Shaw, <link is hidden> (1993). The impact of shock incarceration on technical violations and new criminal activities. Justice Quarterly, 10, 463-487.


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