Risk, Identification, Control, and Management

Risk, Identification, Control, and Management


For this assignment, you will create a risk assessment matrix. You will choose one of the following scenarios, and based on that scenario, you will complete the Business Risk Assessment



At a minimum, you will identify 4 assets and complete the row for each one. Once you have completed the table, you will provide discussion of your thought processes on the related assets and the identified risk. Please make sure that you cite the relevant sources of information that you used to define the information you provided in your table.



Note: The scenario that you choose will be the scenario that you will continue to use throughout the rest of the course. This will lead to the completion of your Key Assignment in Phase 5.



Scenario 1: You are tasked by your supervisor to develop a risk assessment for your organization, Triangle. Triangle is a manufacturer of HVAC components headquartered in Clarksville, TN. This area has a history of flooding, tornadoes, and the occasional severe winter storms. Your supervisor is concerned with these naturally occurring events and would like your risk assessment to address these specifically and include any other risks that you identify.



Scenario 2: You are an employee of Do It Yourself, a large chain of home improvement stores with locations all across the United States. Your supervisor is concerned with the recent increase of cyber attacks on major retailers and would like for you to conduct a risk assessment that focuses on that area and include any other identified risks that are not cyber-attack-related but still focus on information technology.



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