Book review of Fresh Fruits, Broken Bodies by Seth Holmes

Fresh Fruits, Broken Bodies


1. Identify the author’s main thesis (one paragraph)

2. How are the author’s main points presented, explained, and supported? (about 2 pages)
a. Chapter by chapter information
b. Are there places/ sections/ sentences/ actions in the book that conjure a strong response from you? What are those words or sentences? What is your reaction?

3. Critique: (about one page)
a. Does the author’s presentation seem fair and accurate? Is the interpretation valid?
b. What comments can you make about the overall presentation of the subject of the book?
c. Who would you recommend the book to? Do you think people working in the health sector would benefit from reading the book and how?

Citations—at least five citations to the book. Your citations can be both paraphrased and direct quotation. The citations should be fairly distributed throughout the entire book. As much as possible use short quotations or references to the new ideas in the book to illustrate your point.


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