Journal Entry

Project Objectives

Upon completion of NUR 456 Professional Practice Project, the student -will be able to complete the following objectives as evidenced by documentation in disc
.2u0ssion boards, clinical evaluations, feedback from the preceptor, fellow students, and faculty:


1) Synthesize knowledge from the liberal arts and sciences and nursing science to understand global perspectives, stimulate critical thinking, and use current technologies.
a. Research 3 current best practice for Anemia Management in Hemodialysis Patient by Week 2


b. Create educational tool for patient and staff regarding Anemia Management in Hemodialysis patient by using PowerPoint technology by Week 5.


2) Make sound decisions in the use of patient information and healthcare technology to design, coordinate, manage, and evaluate nursing care for individuals, families, and populations.


a. Investigate early warning system with IT for critical lab values by Week 3.


b. Identify four key assessment skills nurses need to include in focused assessments by Week 1.


3) Demonstrate clinical excellence to provide caring, compassionate, and culturally appropriate patient-centered care to people in a variety of settings


a. Discuss cultural beliefs and practices that may affect goal of Anemia management in Hemodialysis patient during staff education by Week 6.


4) Communicate, collaborate, and negotiate effectively to improve patient healthcare outcomes


a. Communicate with nurse educator in preparation of staff and family education by Week 3.


b. Evidence of completion educational includes management guidelines and informative pamphlets by Week 6


5) Exhibit professional values and behaviors as outlined by a professional code of ethics, professional standards, and legal statutes


a. Apply legal, ethical, and nurse practice standards to determine own practice taking responsibility for own actions by week 1-8


6) Promote healthy lifestyles through health promotion, risk reduction, and disease prevention education for individuals and populations.


a. Discuss the importance of keep themselves healthy and free of infection; as well as what part good nutrition and bone health plays in their anemia status during the education session by week 3


7) Incorporate evidence-based knowledge and theory into nursing practice


a. Review 2 current nursing articles on Anemia management on hemodialysis patient by Week 6


8) Demonstrate leadership and collaboration within interdisciplinary healthcare partners and professional, political, and/or regulatory organizations to support change in healthcare.


a. Collaborate with social worker and renal dietitian on educational pamphlet at Fresenius Dialysis Center by Week 2


9) Allocate and manage resources to ensure patient safety and high-quality healthcare


a. Evaluate the resource needed to help manage anemia on hemodialysis patient by week4


10) Engage in life-long learning and scholarly inquiry to continue professional career development


a. Surveying to evaluate the knowledge level of anemic patients. Data will be collected using questionnaires and interviews by staff by Week 1-8


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