The Transformation and Commercialization of Halloween in Los Angeles

The Transformation and Commercialization of Halloween


Exhibits are a powerful and exciting way to communicate complicated ideas with the publicizing an engaging and accessible manner. You will have at least encountered and assessed two exhibits this semester and we will be discussing a diversity of art forms and exhibition contexts, preparing you to pitch and propose an excellent exhibition! You are the curators now. In small groups, you will be responsible for producing a comprehensive exhibition proposal and presenting a professional pitch during the last two weeks of class. Putting together a good proposal begins with identifying an organizing principle or theme around which you will build the exhibition. Your theme should relate to those we cover in our case studies each week. As you consider what you want your exhibit to be about, look ahead on the syllabus for inspiration. Keep in mind our broader interest in the arts asmodes of storytelling and how the arts help in understanding complex moments in history and also helped shape those moments in history. Once you identify a theme, think about what kinds of art works, films, speakers, and other events will help flesh out the story you want to tell. An exhibition proposal will both detail the kinds of art works it will include as well as explaining what kind of programming will accompany the exhibit. Will there be opportunities for the community to add to the exhibition? Will there be a series of speakers, concerts or films related to the exhibition? Will the show tell a local, national, or international story? Are the local sites that visitors might want to visit in order to learn more about the themes and information addressed in the exhibition? The proposal should be comprised of 3 parts.1)A statement explaining the theme of the exhibition; including the conceptual/historical/thematic framework, motivation for the exhibition, and what the curators hope to accomplish or communicate through the exhibition. This section will likely require the incorporation of outside sources to contextualize your central theme. Cite your sources using MLA format. (~2pages)2)A selection of 3 works/objects to be included. Since this is hypothetical, let’s assumeyou can get access to whatever works are appropriate to best convey the theme of your exhibition. This section should demonstrate how this selection of three works will help convey the theme of the exhibition. What will audience members cull from these works? How? (~2pages) 3)What additional programming will you offer? Programming like speakers, films, or concerts draw visitors in and make more accessible the themes and concepts the exhibition. Describe in detail 2 events that will aid in broadening the conversation around your exhibition theme.

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