Nike has been the leading company in shoes sales with the largest amount of market share.



Nike has been the leading company in shoes sales with the largest amount of market share. However, with Adidas and other competitor brands gaining market share due to a number of factors, research is needed to determine which of these factors has the most influence on consumer purchase behaviors. The research methods that will be used are quantitative, mostly descriptive methods. The objective of this research is the following:

  • Does player/celebrity endorsements influence consumers behavior?
  • How much does price play into shoe purchases?
  • Which sports/events consumers watch that may influence purchase behavior?
  • What characteristics do consumers consider when purchasing shoes?
  • How often does consumers purchases shoes?
  • Are there other hidden behavior/factors that influence shoes purchases?

All you need to do is brief analysis of the data we have compiled from a survey asking questions pertaining to the above statement

Hypothesis testing methods could include the following:

  1. Tests of mean differences (t and z tests to examine differences between 2 groups for a construct, Analysis of variance to examine differences between 3 or more groups, and paired t-tests to examine whether a group differ between two different constructs: such as importance of price versus importance of quality);
  2. Tests of proportion differences in the count of number of people in a group (binomial z tests for two groups, and chi-squares for more than 2 groups).
  3. Correlations (between two variables), factor analyses (to assess whether a group of items all tap into the same construct), and scale reliability (to assess the extent to which indices – such as overall satisfaction — based on a group of items are correlated to each other within the scale).
  4. Regressions (assessing the extent to which a range of predictor variables, e.g., attitudes, can predict a dependent variable such as purchase intention, the sign and the magnitude of the relationship).


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