Compare GM in the US with China.



Answer the following questions related to the case found on pages 492- 493

1) Apply the CAGE distance network to compare GM in the US with China. Use to research China.

2) Examine GM’s financials. How important are non-US sales to GM? What implications does this have for GM’s global and business strategy? Which of the integration response frameworks is best suited for GM’s global strategies in China?

3) In 2014, GM held almost 15 percent market share in China, while Ford held only 3 percent. Why was GM so successful in China when rivals, including Ford, struggle to gain a stronger position in the world’s largest automobile market?

4) What is one of the biggest challenges facing GM in the Chinese automobile market? How should the GM COE address it?


GM annual report links
2015 – Annual Report

GMIO – GM International Operations – pages 32, 35 – 37

2013 – Annual Report

GMIO – GM International Operations – pages 18-19, 26-27


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