Critical Perspective on Health & Science Communication

Critical Perspective on Health


-This assignment is for a Critical Perspective on Health & Science Communication class.
-The topic for this paper will be Child Obesity
-This is a group assignment and it is divided in 5 sections:
a)Intro – 1 page
b)Outline the controversy and communication surring this issue – 2 pages
c)Apply one or more major themes from the course (framing, social construction, media literacy, narrative and others) – 8 pages (4 pages each) (3-4 sources each)
d)Conclusion – 1 page
e)APA Formatting
(I was assigned to write half of section “C” which it is a total of 4 pages with 3 to 4 sources)
-For my part i would like you to do the Framing and Social construction. Please provide a critical assessment of the framing used in a news article about a health or science topic which in this case will be Child obesity. The review should provide details about both the content and context of the topic, situating it in the larger discourse. A critical review is more than just a summary of the article. It should question the underlying assumptions and ideology surrounding the issue, as well as examine the themes, tropes, metaphors, and analogies that the authors use in framing the topic of inquiry.
-Please use the Nisbet & Scheufele’s Frame Typology included:
• Social progress
• Economic development/competitiveness
• Morality/ethics
• Scientific/technical uncertainty

Also for this Social Construction and Framing Analysis we used this article: Leeds-Hurwitz, W. (2009). Social construction of reality. In S. Littlejohn & K. Foss (eds.), Encyclopedia of Communication Theory, Vol. 1. (pp. 891-894). London: Sage.


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