Friction factor for laminar and turbulent flow

Turbulent flow

I want you to write an essay about friction factor in fluid of mechanics for Chemical engineering write a brief summary or one paragraph for each of the following ( put equations between the the line do not put it in one line its self.

Using this book

” Unit operations of chemical engineering ” 7th Edition
Authors : Warrant L. McCabe, Julian C.Smith, Peter Harriott
from chapter 5

first write an introduction about friction factor then write one paragraph or two max for each of the topics

here are the topics

1- friction factor for laminar flow
(a) newtonian fluids
(b) non newtonian fluids
(c) in an annulus

2- Turbulent flow

(a) newtonian fluids
(b) non newtonian fluids

3- friction factor chart ( moody chart)

3- complete Turbulent flow .

4-the three equation in very smooth pipe ( can be find in page 116).
5- its affect in Bernoulli equation.

6-Darcy-Weisbach friction factor ( 4 * friction factor).
7- friction factor and diameter relationship.
8- friction factor and Roughness relationship.


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