Gender Issues in Student Organization Leadership

Student Organization Leadership



Includes Topic that is described using prior research from your research that leads to your Research Questions or Hypotheses (can be single or plural). (1 page)
Methods (target 2-3 pages each section; 4-6 pages overall)
1- Quantitative Methods Section: Sample, Procedures, Measures (if you are measuring “media exposure”, give examples of your survey items)
Experiments: Treatment v (Control, if you have one)
Survey- 1-2 pages w clear measures
Content Analysis: Coding scheme
Analysis plan: Correlation, t-test, other?
2-Qualitative Methods Section: Participants, Procedures, Type
Focus Groups: Interview guide
Observational: Process details: What, where, when, who, etc
Interviews: Interview guide
Rhetorical: text (anything), why it is worthy of study, how it would be analyzed
Critical: text (anything), why it is worthy of study, how it would be analyzed
Analysis plan: Thematic, Metaphor, Narrative, etc.
3- Reflection: Advantages and Limitations of each method you have chosen (2-4 pages)
4- Conclusion: Apply/ Synthesize and Reflect on new knowledge (1-3 paragraphs)


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