Global business forecast

Global business forecast


This work is related to macroeconomics and global business conditions. The memo is to be addressed to the newly appointed President Ms. Blakleyovich who has been forced by indirect political pressure from the Trump administration to repatriate production and consider expanding BE operation by exporting to Southeast Asia. The former president has been dismissed and his proposed strategy of importing chalk(and shutting down BEI production facilities) has been rejected. Domestic production has been resumed and the China import agreement has been voided.
You have to identify which country from Sountheast Asia region that you select for the analysis. Choose one country from the following (Philippines, Taiwan, S.Korea and Indonesia) and brief mention should be made in your memo as to the rational used in selecting this country over the others. She in interested in expected macroeconomic business conditions in the next 12 to 18 months, which special consideration given to the potential direct or indirect economic impact of recent global turmoil and ongoing changes in monetary and fiscal policy. Not it does not necessarily follow that you will recommend BEI expansion in this economy just because it was chosen ‘best-of-bunch’.
As before chalk sales will be sensitive to GDP growth, unemployment and interests. now, movements in the local currency relative to the dollar will directly impact BE prices and proft margins. Recommend which currency to denominate the fixed price contract.
Locat references (2 or 3) to current relevant sources with complete background information- at the bottom of the page. The research should rely on The Economist Intelligence Unit.(2 additional source footnots to be included at the bottom of page).
Develop a 2 page memo including executive summary (with references to your data references and PP slides only) of your analysis of macroecomonic business conditions in the country selected (GDP growth, unemployment rate, 10-year government interest rates and the relevant foreign exchange rate vs. the U.S. dollar) most likely within the next 12-18 months. Footnotes at the bottom of the pagereferences. No technical Jargon in the text of the memo should be included in the text of memo. Executive memo will include why this particular country was chose, your recommendation on whethere or not to develop BEI exporting capabilities in this economy and what currency to denominate the contract in if the country is untimately selected.


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