Production of Sulphuric Acid

Production of Sulphuric Acid


Chemical engineering


This is a list of things we want included in the topic as its about the production of sulphuric acid.

The project has to be 30-40 pages maximum

You can change add or remove things from the list as if u want or if necessary as me and my group wrote the list



2-Uses of sulfuric acid

3-Sulphuric acid plant equipment

4-Contact process and a diagram

5-Conditions in the contact process

 6-Wet gas sulfuric acid plant (diagram and equipment)

7- the process of wet gas sulfuric acid

8-Production of sulfuric acid

9-Properties of sulphuric acid

10-Handling waste gas

11-Sulphur burning

12-reactions of sulphuric acid with bases and carbonates

13-Consumption and emission levels

14-Controlling emissions


16-Environmental consideration


18-Storage and disposal 

19-shipping and transport 

20 -Safety and hazards


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