Virtual Vehicle Inspection Process Interview In The USA

Virtual Vehicle Inspection Process Interview In The USA


This activity is designed to acquaint you with resources in the private, public, or commercial websites.  You will be able to find sample written policies and procedures as well as job descriptions.

  • Identify a location that you can see a vehicle/truck inspection. Examples include:
    • Public or private school bus facility, Public transport facility, Public Fire station, Public Vehicle Rental agency
    • UPS or FEDEX maintenance facility, State Weights and Inspections Station, or Police Maintenance facility
  • Make an appointment for viewing the vehicle inspection process
  • Complete the Interview Guide below
  • Provide an image of the manager, facility, or fleet vehicle inspection
  • if you can make arrangements to view a commercial vehicle inspection at a state authorized weights and inspection station. This would be an inspection by an authorized officer for regulatory compliance.


Place an image of the agency location (preferably in the state of Kentucky) or the vehicle inspection process in addition to completing the Interview Guide.





Place a picture below of the fleet inspection team member, the building that houses the fleet, the base for the fleet vehicle inspection, or the supply center.


–Place image here—


(You can add your own in addition to these)

  1. How many vehicles are inspected in a week’s time period and how are they chosen for inspection?




  1. What type of training or certification is required to perform this vehicle inspection?




  1. What happens to this vehicle if a problem is discovered?




  1. Is the driver or the agency responsible for the condition of the vehicle? Is a pre-driver inspection document reviewed in any manner?




  1. Is a driver required to carry a vehicle maintenance report for this vehicle?



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