Requirements for Master of Communication and New Media

Requirements for Master of Communication and New Media.

Master of Communication and New Media


Requirements for Master of Communication and New Media
Describe your prior experience(including internship, voluntary service or any other informal
involvement) in communication or media industries.
Your knowledge and skills of new media technologies(design and production of online or offline
Your career plans after graduating from our program.
When I studied communication major in University of Utah in United State, I got an internship in
AMC Building Materials which is a brand new company as a manager assistant, and worked for
them a year as part time job. My duty is collecting all feedback from customers no matter they
bought or they did not buy materials from us, I need to analysis what the reasons are and which
part we should improve. And then I need to find useful ways to attract customers and tell them
our best offer, products and best services for customers, so I bring benefits for the company that
the sales increase double than before. Also, updating the advertising in KSL, Facebook and
uploading images after we did installation for customers into advertisement. Moreover, I
communicated with clients to introduce our products and create invoices if they want to buy from
After graduated, I work for Cabinets To Go as Sales Agent and Kitchen Designer,
communicating is my main job, I have to know about the market, our brand, price, advantages
and services so I can let clients know this is their best choice to get materials here.Furthermore,
I have problem solving skills and try my best to help customers if they are in trouble.
I have learned Introduction to Quantitative Communication Research and Advertising Media
Analysis and Planning. it is useful as I know how to collect information and analysis for company
during working time, it helped me a lot. I have learned Integrated Marketing Communication so I
know what I should do if company has activity. Also I have learned Writing for strategic
communication, analysis of argument.
I want to work for media company in Hong Kong as a media data analyst as I have passion, I
love it and enjoy it, I will try my best to use my knowledge into my career and help company to
earn more benefits.



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Requirements for Master of Communication and New Media