Discuss the importance of language

The importance of language

Discuss the importance of language as a means of knowing in both texts, “Helen Keller: The Day Language Came into My Life,” and “Virginia Owens: Telling the Truth in Lies,” from the book Encounters. Select at least one line from Keller and Owens and smoothly integrate it into your paragraphs to support your thoughts. Use MLA in-text citations correctly. Remember to generate a Works Cited entry for both authors. For this assignment, use #26 on page 661 of LBH. EX: In-text citation (Keller 9).

EX: Works Cited entry – Keller, Helen. “The Day Language Came into My Life.” Encounters: Readings for Advanced Composition. Eds. Epperson, William R. and Mark R. Hall. Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt, 2001. 5-6.


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