Breaking down the Silo between two Ancillary departments

Breaking down the Silo between two Ancillary departments.

Case study- breaking down the Silo between two Ancillary departments

The radiology department is having an issue with patient transportation not transporting patients back to their rooms after their procedures have been performed. Sometimes patients wait up to 30 minutes, which causes crowding and other issues for the radiology staff. The patient transport unit says there is inconsistent communication with radiology about patients who are ready to be moved.

Write a 2 page paper (in APA format) which:


  • Identifies some reasons for the inconsistent communication
  • Explains how this issue may impact the quality of both services
  • Determines what data both departments could share in order to monitor patient transport
  • Lists some benefits of the two departments sharing patient transport data



For the Written Assignment, you will work with a process that is not working the way that is needs to. Once again, your job is to find some possible reasons for the breakdown in communication that occurs. You may have noticed that quality improvement involves “detective work,” meaning the cause has to be identified before solutions can be found. Remember to stick to the points listed in the bullet points. There is no need to provide background information about radiology or patient transport. However, you may need to research how the patient transport system in a hospital functions.

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Breaking down the Silo between two Ancillary departments