Have America’s wars since WWII been fought to protect and secure the health and welfare of average citizen’s?

America’s wars

1.  Have America’s wars since WWII been fought to protect and secure the

health and welfare of average citizen’s?   If yes, in what ways?  If no, why

were they fought?

2.  Given the American promise, did the United States fulfill this promise from

the ratification of the Reconstruction Amendments to the present day? If

yes, how?  If not, why?

Hint for #2…you must first define “American promise” before you give your

educated opinion about its fulfillment.

You can answer the questions either chronologically or thematically, but every

statement must be backed up with source material.


You must cite at least three primary documents from Zinn for each essay.

Explain in few sentences at the end of the essay why you chose these


Begin with a strong thesis statement followed by relevant evidence from

the readings and lecture.  Cite Foner as (Foner pg.#); cite the Zinn

documents by the author of the document of title if the author is

anonymous, for example (Ginsburg 42);  and cite the presentations/lectures

as Colling + lecture/slide #, e.g. (Colling 5/42).

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