Public Relations and Advertising

Public Relations and Advertising

Review the Learning Resources before responding to below task:


This week’s readings in the Learning Resources on advertising provide examples of both good and ineffective ad campaigns. Please answer the following prompts regarding advertising and public relations:


  1. A) Post a link to one of your favorite ads and in short essayformat, answer the following questions:  Does it persuade you? How? Why do you like it? Is there anything problematic about the ad? Also included a link to an ineffective ad, providing evidence that the ad campaign failed (cite your source in proper APA or MLA format). In your summary, explain (in your opinion) why one ad succeeds and the other fails.


  1. B) After reading this week’s Learning Resources, provide an example,(other than those listed in the readings) where public relations campaigns have been effective or ineffective, and provide a link to information about that example.  Answer, inshort answerformat, why was the campaign successful or unsuccessful? Provide a link to the example.


NB: “PR-Difference Between PR and Advertising.” Trainme.TV. This video explains the difference between PR and Advertising. (The video does not have academic content but provides a cursory overview of this week’s lessons. Link:( by:

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