Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

Why does the world look the way it does? An overview of critical elements of global economic history and culture. Where mental models come from, and why they are important, using “sustainable development” as an example. Different ways to conceptualize environmentalism, and the implications of different views. Different perspectives on science and technology, and its authority in light of climate change. Submit 10 pages 1.5 spaced research about your topic for your consulting report. The important thing about choosing a topic is to pick one that you’re interested in (which we picked as autonomous vehicles), and that is complex enough to involve the kinds of analyses and systems perspective that industrial ecology requires. Some people have written about specific technology systems and others about scenarios involving engineered. But it’s always more fun to write about something you’re interested in, so start there. Pick an Earth Systems topic which is both broad in scope and also contains a wicked side, complex feedback loops, high degree of interconnectedness and then present environmental and social impacts. Which we picked as autonomous vehicles You need to mention who is interested in this project. Who is the client that will pay and sponsor you to apply this project? Include at least 10 references and sources.
Note: That is the upcoming project that I am ordering from you.
We will create an outline that we use for that paper that we will use. For this one I want just an outline of that summary paper that you wrote and we will use that to write our final paper later

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