The Baptism of the Spirit is a key New Testament truth. The presence of the Spirit in the life of the believer is a doctrine agreed upon across all denominational boundaries. What is debated is when and how the Spirit baptizes the believer. During this learning activity, we will investigate the key truth of the baptism of the Spirit. You will be reading Oden on the subject and responding.

• Read pp. 623-632 and 645-649 in the textbook.

• Oden may present this doctrine in a way that is new for you. Even if you disagree with his presentation, stay with his argument long enough to understand how and why he says what he does. Remember, his desire is to present the classic theological understanding that bridges culture and history.

• Write a 1-2 page (250-500 word) double spaced response reflecting on Oden’s presentation of the baptism of the Spirit. Detail where you see Oden’s analysis as being solidly in tune with Scripture and show where you may disagree with his analysis.

• It is not necessary to apply a formatting style for this assignment except when using a source to support your writing.

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