Business Letter Rhetorical Situations

Business Letter Rhetorical Situations

An international engineering firm has contacted your Kansas City-based firm, requesting your services as a specialist for a multi-year design collaboration. e firm would like you to provide a preliminary consultation on a concept by running initial calculations and composing sketches. You plan to accept the position, but hope to leverage a longer timeline for the initial stages of the project, as you anticipate that you will need an extra month for the initial drafting. Respond to the project manager of the engineering firm, Dr. Angela Altamuerta, with your response to their request. You should respond to the request from your position as a petroleum engineer, chemical engineer, electric engineer, or general engineer by taking into account the following details:

Petroleum: Your preliminary consultation would consist of a simulation study and sensitivity analysis for the reservoir under consideration, located in Qatar. Your simulation study and sensitivity analysis would aid in determining what drill-in fluid is most appropriate for the characteristics of this oil reservoir.

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