Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The Rhetorical Analysis Essay is a thesis-driven analysis of an aspect of rhetoric in an assigned text, written for an academic audience. I will provide more information about the particulars and the focus for this essay.

Multiple drafts, peer review and revision are required elements of the assignment; failure to complete parts of the process will result in a lower grade in your final portfolio.

The final essay should be a minimum of 1500 words long and be presented in MLA format, including Works Cited.

A minimum of 3 secondary sources must be used to develop the essay (not including the text being analyzed).

Rhetoric-in-Practice Project and Companion Essay

For this project, you will select a purpose and audience that addresses the class genre (or responds to one of the class texts). You will then select an appropriate genre for this project, and demonstrate your rhetorical know-how by selecting appropriate rhetorical choices for this situation. Building on these, you’ll create your own text that fulfills this purpose and message. You will then write a companion essay that describes your creative and revision process, analyzes the rhetorical choices you made and assesses your success at meeting your goals in this project.

Drafts, peer review and revision are required elements of the assignment. Before you begin work on your project, you will be asked to submit a proposal providing a detailed description of the rhetorical situation of your project (portions of this proposal may be revised and included as part of the RIP Essay). Your instructor and class/group members will give you feedback on your proposal throughout the quarter before you begin writing.

Multiple drafts, peer review and revision are required elements of the assignment, and are calculated into the final grade; failure to complete parts of the process may result in a failing grade. The length of the project depends on the genre and purpose and the Companion Essay itself is usually about 2-3 pages

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