Redesign, Development and Organizational Learning


Redesign, Development and Organizational Learning

In the article “Redesign, Development and Organizational Learning” by Jaap Boonstra, the author compares two processes of redesign; the business process and the sociotechnical process. The business process redesign focuses on achieving changes by means of a linear top down approach and it tends to underestimate the importance of learning process in organizations (Boonstra, 2013).  The sociotechnical redesign model primary purpose was to improve organizational effectiveness, improve the quality of work life and levelling of power. The article concludes that in order for redesign to be successful it needs a process of learning to analyze market demands and organizational problems and to design information systems, business processes by self-designing teams and dedicated management of the change process (Boonstra, 2013).

Tkaczyk (2015) discusses the importance of leaders becoming change designers and energizers in the article “A playbook for Positive Organizational Change: Energize, Redesign and Gel.”  The author states “Seeing that change is now the norm, that all organizations are in flux, and that change is happening more and more rapidly, to execute successful transformations which deliver and sustain improved performance, organizations need to change the way they change (Tkaczyk, 2015).

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