How An African-American Ad Man Changed The Face Of Advertising

How An African-American Ad Man Changed The Face Of Advertising – Chapter 5


Listen to (or read) the article at  and answer the questions below using information from the article and the textbook.

  1. Where and in what position did Burrell start working in advertising?
  2. Were companies trying to target the African-American market before Burrell began writing advertisements? Give some examples.
  3. How did having an African-American writing advertisements change the effectiveness of the advertising agency? Give some examples.
  4. Have you ever encountered a culturally insensitive ad? Please explain.
  5. How has marketing evolved over time? How have current events, economics, and culture influenced thinking about marketing?
  6. What are the key characteristics of a high potential target market? Is the biggest target market always the best? Why or why not?

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