Beginning of Civilization

1. Beginning of Civilization:

Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Indian Chinese and American early centers of civilizations; the impact of the geographical location in their development, their government, society, religion, writing, system The Agricultural Revolution, Paleolithic & Neolithic Age

2. Four Great Revolutions in Religion and Philosophy.

Analyze the main concepts of Chinese philosophy and its main schools such as Confucianism, Taoism, and Legalism. Explain the Indian Religion, the Upanishad worldview, Jain Tradition and Buddhism. Explore the key features of the Greek Philosophy and Monotheistic Revolution.

3. Greek Civilization:

The main centers of early civilization, development of important polis such as Athens and Sparta; Colonization, Persian & Peloponnesian Wars; Achievements of Greek Golden Age in philosophy, science, literature, history, etc, ancient Greek philosophers, and writers. Alexander the Great and Hellenism

4. Roman Civilization:

Underline the political institution of Roman Republic, characteristics of Roman society such as family, clientage, class distinction, struggle of the orders, and imperium. Explain the Roman military strategy and diplomacy as well as the economic developments, Roman constitutional monarchy, Triumvirate, Tetrarchy, Augustan Principate, Punic Wars and Arianism. Which are the main reasons for the decline of Roman Empire

5. Iran, India and Inner Asiabefore Islam:

Elamites the most ancient population of Iran, Zarathustra and Zoroastrian Tradition and Achaemenids in Iran, the dual heritage of modern Iran civilization Mauryans the ancient population of India, Mauryan rule under emperor Ashoka, two main traditions of early Indian civilization, Indo-Greek civilization of Bactria. Iranian society, economy and religion before Islam; Golden Age of Guptas in India. The Classical traditions in India

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