Art influences in social psychology

Art influences in social psychology

This is on social psychology.
it is the quality of the social psych concepts and applications you choose to discuss that counts
1. Select a topic of interest that may or may not be controversial in nature.(The topic is art influences in social psychology) Locate 2 primary source articles (journal article) to evaluate the issue. You may also want to locate a Ted Talk and or youtube video/documentary that provides additional information about the topic
2. Evaluate the information you read/view focusing on at least 3 specific questions that you have generated. Locating information specific to answering the questions you have written will guide your efforts
3. You will also locate and summarize the hypothesis of each journal article you have read.
4. Organize your findings and prepare to share them with the class. Your task is to expand our understanding of the topic. You will share your questions and findings with the class. Students will write a brief summary of your presentation which can be used on the final quiz
5. You should also plan to list any media that you viewed
6. The summary will consist of the following:
a) Introduction – name of the topic, reasons for selecting the topic, titles of the journal articles and media used
b) Main body – a description of the questions the group generated followed by a summary of your findings
c) Conclusion – what did you learn? Assess the value of your learn and potential implications/influence on you personally and professionally
d) Attach reference page
Final Project – question examples that can help to analyze journal articles
1, What questions were addressed?

2. Who were the participants in the sample (ages, gender, ethnicity, etc.)?

3. What tests, instruments or questions were used in the study

4. What procedures did the study follow?

5. Describe the results. What did the author (s) discover?

6. Suggest research questions that could be considered for future studies


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