Wheel of Fortune

Evaluation/ Ted Talk: Wheel of Fortune

An evaluation is the process of deciding how effectively a text fulfills its purpose and explaining why. By a text, we mean anything—a book, a movie, music, shoes, pizza, etc. Each of these things can be good or bad, effective or ineffective. Evaluation is the process of deciding how good or bad, effective or ineffective a text is and explaining why.
For this assignment, you will choose a Ted Talk that you could feasibly use as a source in your research paper (meaning it has to be connected to your topic in some way).
Deconstruct the Ted Talk. Some aspects you may focus on are: how is the Ted Talk organized? How do they employ ethos, pathos, and logos? What is their tone? Who is the target audience and how do we know? Examine word choice and language, etc. Decide whether or not the talk is effective. Do not get bogged down on content. The focus of your piece should be tone, format, style, visuals, organization, language, etc.
To begin your paper, decide what qualities an ideal Ted Talk should have. Construct a list of criteria based on what you know about rhetoric. Remember that the goal of rhetoric is to persuade.
The organization of your paper should look like this:
 Explain how the Ted Talk connects to your topic, giving a very brief summary of your topic and the Ted Talk and making clear the relationship between the two.
 Describe the criteria for assessing the Ted Talk. What will make the Ted Talk effective?
 Explain how the Ted Talk meets or fails to meet the criteria you established. Was the Ted
Talk effective or not? Provide evidence.
 Discuss whether or not you will use this source in your research paper and explain how
you will use it.
You may use first person in the first and last section of your TED talk when you are describing how to the talk relates to your topic and whether or not you’ll use the source in your paper. Don’t use first person for the criteria and evaluation portion.
I will assess your paper based on the following:
Following the proper organization of the paper
Making clear the relationship between the Ted Talk and your topic
Providing good evidence
Focusing on the effectiveness of the rhetoric rather than the content
Clear, concise sentences, page length, grammar, etc.

— Search for Ted Talks that talk about TV game shows and such as Wheel of Fortune, or talk about tv in general

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