How Can We Rehumanize Ourselves As A Society

How Can We Rehumanize Ourselves

So far in this course, we have looked at and analyzed tweets by Donald Trump, tweets from the #MeToo movement, and articles from Tarana Burke and Rebecca Solnit.

In her essay “Let This Flood of Women’s Stories Never Cease,” Solnit writes, “Being groomed to be a predator dehumanizes you, as does being groomed to be prey. We need a de-normalization of all that so we can rehumanize ourselves.”

Meanwhile, in her editorial “#MeToo was started for black and brown women and girls. They’re still being ignored,” Burke writes, “What history has shown us time and again is that if marginalized voices — those of people of color, queer people, disabled people, poor people — aren’t centered in our movements then they tend to become no more than a footnote.”

For this paper, answer the following question: Through analyzing these various articles and tweets, how can we rehumanize ourselves as a society? 

In this paper, strive to build your argument around/with the help of Solnit, Burke, #MeToo tweets and even the Trump tweets. This does not mean you have to use all of these texts in your essay; you can just focus on Solnit or Burke, use both authors, use Burke and #MeToo tweets, etc. I want to see you come up with your own argument that responds to this question, and how you can use these writers, Twitter users, and their ideas as inspiration and support.

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