Correlation and Causation

Correlation and Causation


For each of the following assertions, reword in such a way that would remove the bias and would reflect a proper research statement.  Pretend the research has been conducted, and you are writing what the research showed.  Because these are mock examples, you can make up the exact response as long as it reflects the prompt given.  Your answer can reflect either correlation or causation terminology, but include at least two of each.  Identify which one your statement reflects.


1.                   It makes sense that spanking would cause aggression in children.



2.                   It seems logical that smoking cannabis increases schizophrenia since it heightens fantasy and delusions.



3.                   In my experience, students who use cell phones in class do more poorly on exam questions that reflect lecture material.



4.                   African-American participants demonstrated a high level of cognitive ability.



5.                   Eating a lot of fried foods and sugar negatively affects people’s ability to perform cognitive tasks.



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