Describe the (fictional) convention you are planning.


You are acting as the convention planner for a large convention in your area. The focus this week is on Food and Beverage.

Describe the (fictional) convention you are planning. Include the organization attending, the number of attendees and the location. The location should be an actual location that would be able to accommodate this group. Identify the convention venue and provide a brief synopsis on why this location will be suitable for this particular convention.

You must provide breakfast, lunch, and a post conference social hour for the attendees for three days.

Address the following:

Identify different types of food service you will be coordinating and discuss the service-related issues related to these food functions. Will you be using in-house our outside catering and why?

Identify several control issues that may arise that are related to these particular food functions.

Since the social hour will involve alcohol service, describe several service and control issues related to these beverage functions.

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