Discusses the meaning of palliative care in pediatrics 10%

Palliative care in pediatrics

1. Discusses the meaning of palliative care in pediatrics 10%
2. Thoroughly discusses the article 30%-
the commonly identified physical, psychological and social issues in children receiving palliative careDescribe the authors’ approach to family centered care-describe the role of the interdisciplinary team

3. Describes what you think the piece of art you chose says about palliative care. Discusses your reason for choosing the poem you chose 10% and what a healthcare provider can learn from it
4. Describes how you have (or have not) seen the health care team 10% at your clinical site address the psychological and social needs of children and families in crisis;
5. Discuss how George Mark Children’s Home addresses the palliative 10% care needs of its patients and families.
5. Discusses the implications for nursing and how you can incorporate 20% the concepts from the articles and your readings into your nursing practice.
6. Clarity of ideas, grammar, APA format (proper citations in body of paper, reference list)10%

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