Environmental Science Of Iceland

Environmental Science Of Iceland

Maximum of 20 slides containing Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion plus the References slides. Explaining the objective of “The Effects of Tourism to pollution in Iceland”. The PowerPoint should answer the research questions below by finding the data needed as listed below:

General objective

  • To assess the impact of Iceland tourism on environmental pollution


Research questions

  • What is the role of humans in pollution of the environment in Iceland?
  • How does tourism result in pollution in Iceland?
  • To what extent has the environment in Iceland been polluted?
  • How can the pollution in Iceland be controlled?


Data Needed

  • Tourist population in Iceland
  • Pollution rate of environment in Iceland in past years
  • Sites that are affected by pollution in Iceland
  • Businesses related to tourism that affect Iceland environment negatively
  • Reasons of environmental pollution related to human activities
  • Car usage
  • Nitro-oxide in air or other chemicals causing pollution
  • Find a metric for the research.

Extra Data to be found:

  • Methods to control environmental pollution





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