Making, Removing and Unfinished Art

Making, Removing and Unfinished Art

What does the act of re-making, whether, for example, re-painting, re-carving or destroying, convey both about the culture/individual for whom the original was made, and the individual/society for whom the original was re-made? (Refer to specific evidence in your response.) What does the context in which it was made contribute to our understanding of the work? Consider the following:

  • Severan family painted portrait from the third century CE,
  • Robert Rauschenberg’s Erased de Kooning and
  • The well-known toppling of the statue of Saddham Hussein in the early 2000s Review evidence gathered and researched in Dossier I.


Discuss each of the works listed above and then consider whether you can make broader conclusions about making, remaking and unfinished art.


Essays should reference at least two readings (these can be assigned readings from the textbook, assigned readings from Blackboard assignments and/or readings from the ‘Additional Readings’ folder on Blackboard).  




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