Choosing an artist (visual arts) that interests you

Visual arts

Choosing an artist (visual arts) that interests you (but not a work that has been discussed in our texts, discussion boards, or movies), find a minimum of TWO SCHOLARLY journal articles using modern criticism, on the same work or body of work. You will need to use library Databases and/or look in professional periodicals. Non-attributable resources (blogs, wikipedia, etc) and encyclopedias are not acceptable. After reading through your articles, answer the following questions on “Different Perspectives” Discussion Board.

A Your text lists several factors that mold the way artwork is perceived, intended and digested. For the work(s) you are discussing (attach and list them) explain some of the factors affecting content, meaning and reception of these works. Be concrete.

B Your text outlines several “angles” of modern criticism that are employed in understanding art. Write a brief synopsis of each article that you have researched (minimum of two scholarly journals) and explain which of these perspectives are being used for each one (Some of the angles of criticism include; deconstruction, feminist, formal, ideological, psychoanalytic, relational aesthetics, structuralism, etc).

C What is the common ground of these articles? How do they differ? Explain concretely, using quotes as necessary.

D How do you think your research has affected your own experience and understanding of the work? What did you think about it before, and how has your perspective and understanding been affected by these two articles?

This course is ARTS 203 (Arts and Society) please provide picture of the arts you have chosen along this essay Textbook:.Exploring Art: A Global, Thematic Approach, Fifth Edition Margaret Lazzari, Dona Schlesier Thank you!!!


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