Climate Change Comparison

Climate Change Comparison

Resources: Case studies from Ch. 20 of the text.

  • Case 1: Water Issues in      the Arid American Southwest
  • Case 2: Soil Salinization      in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands

Consider the following statements:

  • Climate change is not only a scientific issue but      also a political issue.
  • There is a relationship between human activity      and physical geography

Create a comparison of the effects on Coastline Formations and Arid Landscapes. Response in at least 70 per box.


Address for both:

Coastline Formations

Arid Landscapes


What are the surficial processes that affect this landscape?


To what extent do humans affect this landscape?


What   arguments do anti-climate-change groups present about this lanscape? How   would you address their concerns?


Do   you have any recommendations of potential solutions to any possible problems?


What   action, if any, should the government take to prevent and mitigate these   climate changes?

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